Protect Your AWS Deployments With CloudOptics

Key Advantages

As AWS becomes one of the prime platforms for business applications, defending the expanding public cloud from threats, data loss and associated business disruption are some of the ongoing significant challenges.

CloudOptics assists organizations in addressing the shared responsibility of security in the cloud. It takes a holistic view of the AWS/hybrid- cloud environment and offers an integrated security platform on the applications and data. With CloudOptics, you can protect cloud workloads and continuously monitor security and compliance.

Key AWS Security Use Cases


S3 Bucket Security

Protect your S3 buckets from exposing data inadvertently. Check up S3 configuration such as enforcing SSL data transfer, public access, versioning among other assurances.


IAM Security

Discover unused API keys, lack of strong password policies, groups with excessive privileges, violation of segregation of duties principal and more…


Security Groups

Detect open permissions on your security groups, rules not having range of permissions and more….


VPC Security

Find out & monitor VPC security such as enabling flow logs, public subnets and other issues

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