Continuous Compliance

By: Aseem Rastogi | 14 Feb 2019

Present day businesses are aware of the increasing complexity of the IT environment and the external regulatory mandates. New regulations keep cropping up for credible purposes – to counter the attacks which are more complex than ever, to protect data and to secure the technologies accessing that data. Consequently, it is fundamental to have a monitoring which is persistent and seamless to continuously capture the security and compliance posture of your entire environment. For this continuous compliance comes into action


A continuous compliance can:


  • Assess the effectiveness of IT controls and detect associated risk
  • Improve business processes while adhering to compliance standards
  • Execute timely quantitative and qualitative risk-related questions
  • Increase the cost effectiveness of controls and monitoring through IT solutions


As companies look to improve their business processes and reduce ongoing compliance costs, continuous compliance monitoring is steadily gaining momentum in the market over the traditional approach of continious compliance .

Traditional Approach to Compliance Monitoring


The traditional approach to compliance monitoring  is primarily schedule-based i.e. it is set for a particular frequency. This implies that the environment is potentially exposed to threats in the intervening period.

Situational awareness which can be accomplished only through full network visibility is a key means for mitigating risk which is not supported by the traditional approach.

Accomplishing Continuous Compliance with CloudOptics

To achieve continuous compliance, a systematic and ceaseless merger of process, people, and technology is needed to help businesses automatically notice and report vulnerabilities in the IT environment. These factors make CloudOptics a coherent choice for continuous compliance monitoring.

CloudOptics expands from the traditional approach of compliance monitoring and offers the precision, control and adaptability of a cloud-based solution to automate assessment of security and compliance controls.

With the innovative approach offered by CloudOptics, organizations can run rules at preconfigured intervals say 4-6 hours depending on the business need to break the attacker’s window of opportunity. Be it unexpected host, applications or services or zeroday vulnerabilities or ports that shouldn’t be open or expired digital certificates – you can seamlessly integrate these alerts into your incident response system and take action before hackers do. And because it is delivered as a SaaS service there is no software to deploy your updates and no infrastructure to acquire and maintain.


Highlights of CloudOptics Continuous Compliance 


The robust integration between the CloudOptics continuous compliance monitoring  and security controls assessment for regulatory standards like ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS etc generates a new approach to information security in which you can continuously identify and proactively address potential attacks.  The key features it offers are:

  • Monitoring profiles and defining rulesets
  • Indicating different distribution groups for different sets of alerts
  • Detecting unexpected hosts/OSes and notes severe vulnerabilities across your entire IT environment

Here is a glimpse of how you can define what you want to monitor.  For example, you can define rule sets to only monitor for new ports on non-Windows systems. These rule sets can be defined at a granular level so recipients get alerts only for events relevant to them.

Compliance Monitoring

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The Challenge (Continuous Compliance )

With cyber threats ever-evolving and growing at an exponential rate, it becomes important for businesses to identify and measure the security implications for planned and unforeseen changes and to assess vulnerabilities in a dynamic threat space.


The Solution

The robust integration between CloudOptics and Vulnerability Management which provides greater visibility and timely information on IT assets and configurations.



  • Run rules at a pre-configured interval say 4-6 hours depending on your business need to close the attacker’s window of opportunity.
  • Be in unexpected host, applications or services or ports that shouldn’t be open or expired digital certificates- seamlessly integration of these alerts into incident response system and take actions before hackers do.
  • Integration with various industry standard third- party tools like Antivirus, OS Hardening, vulnerability scanners to provide a multi-dimensional view of the IT assets against pre-set required compliance posture.

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