Continuous Monitoring

In the current dynamic threat landscape, meeting regulatory compliance and security requirements are not optional. Remaining compliant is important but at the same time the challenge lies in managing, governing and ensuring compliance for the overwhelming amount of data that organizations now handle.

Managing and proving your organization’s On-cloud compliance is different than On-premises. With the growing speed of evolving threats and the amount of attention from regulators, remaining compliant at all times and be ready to be audited anytime is essential and CloudOptic’s continuous monitoring helps you to achieve that.

The Challenges

  • Continuously capturing the security and compliance posture

  • Managing and ensuring compliance for large volumes of data

  • Auditing and reporting across multiple clouds

  • Visibility of vulnerabilities in a hybrid infrastructure

Continuous Monitoring

The Solution

CloudOptics innovative security platform delivers automation through continuous compliance monitoring to provide unprecedented visibility and real-time information on IT assets and configurations. Further, it automates security compliance assessment reporting to enable real-time, continuous verification of applicable regulatory requirements for PCI DSS compliance, HIPAA compliance, ISO 27001 compliance and NIST Cybersecurity framework. 

  • Real-time, continuous verification of regulatory requirements

  • Automation of security compliance assessment reporting

  • 3600 view of the entire network with real-time monitoring, custom controls and system configuration assessments

  • Effective assessment of IT controls and detection of associated risks


Regulatory Compliance

Improve security while adhering to compliance standards

Data Protection

Audit implemented security policies in cloud for assessing data security at-rest

Full Visibility

Increase the cost effectiveness of controls and monitoring through CloudOptics

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