Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The digital revolution has changed how risk and security deliver value to the business. As businesses move to heterogeneous clouds, understanding the cyber risk exposure can become complex. To measure and communicate cyber risks and make better strategic decisions, a clear visibility into cyber risk across Cloud environments and cyber security risk assessment is vital.

A comprehensive metric such as CloudOptics CyberExposure Index is essential to comprehend the risks business face.

The Challenges

Cyber Exposure Index should determine the amount of cyber exposure within a set of organizations in a market. The Cyber Exposure Index should look the variables relevant to all organizations.

  • Potential data disclosure

  • Potential credential compromise

  • Vulnerability to hacking

  • Potential for eavesdropping

The Solution

CloudOptics enables organizations to holistically assess, manage and measure cyber risks in the expanding attack surface which helps in cyber security risk assessment.

CloudOptics enables businesses to have an accurate, objective and detailed measurement of cyber exposure. It assigns a risk weight after analyzing the exposure variables, collates and indexes the exposure values to prioritize and act on remediation options. Being a continuous compliance monitoring platform, CloudOptics constantly assesses the exposure index and plots it on a times series chart.

Highlights of Cyber Risk Assessment

Risk Visibility

Quantifies and creates continuous visibility to an organization’s exposure to cybersecurity risk

Trend Analysis

Discover the accurate reason for CyberSecurity risk to be increasing or decreasing. Get configuration level visibility

Intuitive Interface

With intuitive user interface, it is easier than ever to track correlation of business risk with technical decisions.

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