Enhancing Security Posture

Best strategy for enhancing security posture | Continuous Monitoring

By: Aseem Rastogi | 17 Jul 2018

Enhancing Security Posture

More than ever, today security analysts need to know the entire story.  Attacks have gotten smarter and can exploit the complexity of an organization’s IT environment to better disguise themselves, evade detection, and accomplish mission objectives. Attacks often involve multiple systems, environments and events over a long period of time, and attackers are part of an economic system that motivates them more than ever before.

It is critical to quickly understand the full extent of a breach when organizations are attacked, to effectively remediate and minimize the impact.

Tools are needed to connect the dots and unearth all the inter-dependencies and relationships between seemingly inconsistent activities. The tools should be able to see and monitor configuration and effectiveness of other tools involved. Therefore, end-to-end visibility is critical in enhancing security posture, acting quickly and efficiently before damage can occur.

The Challenge...

Security technologies offer a limited view of what is happening, based on where they are deployed, in the network or on the endpoint, and what they are optimized to look for, such as the initial infection (malware), propagation (network scans/probes), data exfiltration (command and control traffic), and more. Also, non-security devices throughout the organization, such as web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, identity infrastructures and applications contain a lot of relevant security information.

So, it has become really important for organizations to have enhance security posture and a central way to look across all the tools to effectively mitigate threats.

Organizations need problems solved; Not more tools

Point Solutions Aren't On Point

There are a bevy of vendors offering off-the-shelf (OTS) point solutions for security, not to mention free, open-source tools.  They may seem like a boon to companies looking to save money, but they often require extensive configuration upon deployment and even more extensive maintenance and upgrades down the road.

Problem Solution
Protect Endpoint Antiviruses: Symantec, McAfee
Protect network: Unauthorized Traffic Firewalls/Web Filter: Palo Alto, Cisco
Indicators of Malicious Activities Threat Intelligence
Control User Access Authentication/2-factor: AD, RSA, Badges
Network Attacks, Stolen Data, Phishing IDS/IPS: Cisco, Palo Alto,
Email Filter: Cisco, Proofpoint
Unpatched Systems, Versions with bugs Scanners/Patching: Nessus, SCCM


As with open source tools, seemingly inexpensive OTS point solutions have hidden costs that add up quickly. Some of the major costs include:

Maintenance of point solutions requires further time and resources to deal with any hiccups as your point solutions update their codebase.

Scalability also needs to be considered. Cloud security requires constant surveillance on all fronts. As organizations expand in the cloud, it’s common to add point solution after point solution to try to cover all types of threats and vulnerabilities. This can quickly create unmanageable tech sprawl.

Decentralized ownership is another issue with point solutions that often compromises security. Many point solutions often mean many owners, and we see companies doling out responsibility over security tools to whichever individual or team purchased them. With various owners responsible for dozens of tools and little coordination, responsibility is spread so thin that tools go without maintenance and alerts are ignored. Both threats and costs spiral out of control, creating a perfect storm for attackers.

A Better Alternative – Complete Security through Continuous Monitoring

Instead of relying on point solutions, that struggle to stop advanced threats, continuous monitoring (CM) supplements these traditional tools with a multi-pronged approach that helps companies become more proactive in addressing security needs and is also one of the most effective method in enhancing security posture. Using intelligent metrics, customers can start to connect the dots, identify unusual activity before it strikes, and put a plan in place to mitigate risk.

Journey from a fragmented manual reactive control review to more automated and proactive review

CloudOptics, A single, comprehensive security platform that coordinates continuous security monitoring, providing you a single pane of glass view into the security of your cloud environment. It can significantly cut the time needed to monitor and analyze security posture on continuous basis, thus freeing up time to respond to them quickly and effectively.

To discover how continuous monitoring can provide a fast and easy way for organizations to gain control of their security posture, contact  CloudOptics.

Cloud Optics provides real-time discovery, classification, assessment and continuous monitoring of hybrid cloud environment. Our agentless visibility and control capabilities dramatically improve cybersecurity by letting you see exactly what’s on your network, and securely manage it.