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With the rise in cloud adoption and web services by medical professionals, healthcare industries have less visibility and control over sensitive data such like patient health records and clinical research data. Also, cybersecurity in healthcare industry has traditionally been under-invested and have been under siege from elusive phishing and malware attacks. This perilous combination is making healthcare industries to look into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) or HIPAA compliance to address these challenges and build a robust risk management framework.

CloudOptics Healthcare Compliance Services enables organizations address the NIST CSF or HIPAA compliance by simplifying each of its core five functions and more. This makes sure you make that you get the best healthcare compliance service available.

Healthcare Compliance

Cyber Security and Healthcare : An evolving understanding of risk

With cyber-attacks becoming more focused, sophisticated, and expensive, the healthcare industry is having to accept the high chances of exposure to cyber risks. The number of breach incidents is increasing by 10 percent each year. That alone is not the problem.

It is also the advent of a new class of attacks, which has the potential to execute great damage. In 2018, the industry was hit with several high-profile ransomware and malware attacks, which demonstrated both the vulnerabilities of healthcare organizations and their exposure to complex cyber risks.

Some of the drivers for healthcare’s cyber risks:

  • Industry’s rapid implementation of digital systems

  • Emergence of health data as a high-value target for cyber criminals for the sensitive and confidential patient data and intellectual property

  • Rise of healthcare organizations as high-profile targets for attackers

Technical and organizational intricacy of the industry, which makes it hard to implement and maintain stable security controls

Healthcare organizations were hit by intensifying challenges to data security in the previous year. Different industry companies were exploited and a significant number of records put were put at risk by hackers. Here are some of the largest breaches of 2018 and its repercussions covered by Health Data Management.

  • 3 phishing hacks breach 20,000 Catawba Valley patient records

  • Two phishing attacks on Minnesota DHS breach 21,000 patient records

  • 3 Massachusetts hospitals fined nearly $1 million by OCR for HIPAA violations

  • Ransomware attack breaches 40,800 patient records in Hawai

  • 417,000 Augusta University Health patient records breached

Highlights of 2018 Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Protect Healthcare System and Data from Advanced Attacks

CloudOptics’ healthcare compliance enables industries to become entirely compliant by continuously monitoring and prioritizing the organization’s access risk to confirm that only appropriate people have access to the right information at the right time.

  • Gains visibility into infrastructure, applications, data, and users at all  times to threats

  • Determines detailed usage information about users, activities and data to assess risks

  • Identifies and protects sensitive configurations and enforces appropriate restrictions for mitigating data breaches

  • Understands the cloud activity-level usage in the context of HIPAA regulations and ensures compliance usage 

Safeguard Patients Records and Sensitive Information

Manage and Protect with CloudOptics

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