Insider Threat Prevention

Enforce ‘Control’ instead of ‘Change Management’ to confront Insider Threat prevention.

After understanding the cloud services in use and how they are being used, the next step is to put controls in place to minimize users’ risky cloud activities and also spot suspicious behavour that could indicate malicious insider. The fact is an insider attack can cause severe damage to your brand, compromise the trust of your customers and result in huge expenses. With our robust technology Cloud Optic’s offers best insider threat prevention practices.

The Challenges

  • Insiders leaking or stealing sensitive data with the rising volume of digital assets
  • Multiple services and entry points due to the cloud infrastructure
  • Detecting and tracking unauthorized changes
  • Governing identities and reducing risk exposure
  • Preventing administrators from making inadvertent mistakes or malicious changes
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The Solution

CloudOptics insider threat prevention leapfrogs from ‘change management’ to ‘control’ on the cloud infrastructure. Its flexible and automated controls offer role-based access to sensitive information, and also apply specific controls based on the user action. Consequently, IT managers can enforce control via CloudOptic’s Insider Threat Prevention Services and prevent changes to sensitive cloud infrastructure elements.

  • Defines permissions and actions according to business needs

  • Monitors and controls privileged asset action

  • Unprecedented control


Governing Identities

Govern activities of cloud administrators. Granular actions such as changing firewall rules, creating network segments etc.

Closed Loop Control

Leverage CloudOptics integration with enterprise change management system such as ServiceNow for tracking insider threat, automatically

Activity Control

Control granular level activity from single interface, across multiple cloud accounts

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