CloudOptics For Industries

Recognize and Reduce Cyber Risks to Maintain Customer Confidence

Strenthening Cybersecurity Posture for Industries

Long gone are the days of safely tucking away information assets behind firewalls and having strong access controls to prevent unauthorized access. In the realm of digital transformation, where industries are shifting towards cloud technology for better solutions and cost of operations, emerging technologies have opened up new avenues of attack for cyber-criminals.

Industries Most Affected By Cyber Attacks

With businesses facing a relentless barrage of attacks, it is a fact that no industry is safe from cyber-attacks. It is a stark reality that every industry faces cyber-attacks.

Here is a closer look at the different industries most affected by cyber-attacks:

Healthcare Compliance
  • Retails and Hospitality

    As retail and hospitality organizations are shifting to online services, they open themselves up to cyber-attacks. The industry is mainly vulnerable because of the widely scattered attack surface, leading to more chances for hackers. A continuous monitoring is needed to prioritize the organization’s risks.

  • Threats in Energy Sector

    Energy providers try hard to understand and reduce cyber risk in critical infrastructure. They cannot rely on IT security solutions, which may interrupt the operation and utility production. They need supreme visbility of assets and vulnerabilities to reduce risks.

  • Government Agencies

    Government agencies hold highly confidential information, including biometrics, Social Security Numbers, and more. However, the servers and databases guarding this personal information of enormous number of people, have known vulnerabilities, resulting in massive volume of cyber attacks in recent years.

Security breaches are surging across all verticals

Cloud adoption is a mixed blessing regardless of industry; it acts as a potential step forward towards digital transformation but on the other hand it is accompanied by cyber risks– presenting opportunity for malicious hackers.

No industry is immune from the increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Retail, hospitality, travel, energy and Government agencies often top the list for most targeted industries.

Biggest Data Breaches of 2018

  • British Airways – Records Breached: 380,000

  • TicketFly – Records Breached: 26,151,508

  • Facebook – Records Breached: 30,000,000+

By right protection and managing configurations in the cloud, a majority of data breaches can be avoided. CloudOptics solutions quantifies cyber risks and standardizes the security performances for various industries and enables them to make better strategic decisions.

Without visibility and control of cloud, industries can no longer ensure regulatory compliance and protect sensitive data. To ensure cloud security for your industry, you need to be aware of the cloud services that are in use and the way they are being used, administer access controls, guard sensitive data, and check risky activities. CloudOptics is precisely doing that for the largest and most demanding industries – financial services, healthcare, retail, and energy providers.


The regulation of Cyber Exposure permits businesses to protect sensitive company and customer information through continuous visibility across the entire modern attack surface. With this approach, you can uphold compliance with regulations. You can also generate business acuments from vulnerability data to better prioritize vulnerability remediation, as well as measure the cyber risk.

Strengthening Cybersecurity for Industries with CloudOptics

Manage and Protect with CloudOptics

CloudOptics offers a cloud-based solution for a comprehensive security and compliance system designed to help industries to:

Achieve Continuous Compliance

Achieve continuous compliance by identifying non-conformance issues and adherence to all finance industry standards and regulations

Identify Vulnerable IT Assets

Gain actionable insights by identifying vulnerable IT assets and prioritizing issues to protect customer data across financial systems

Continuous Monitoring

Maintain customer confidence by continuously monitoring the cyber exposure and potential threat vectors

Unparalleled Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into infrastructure, applications, data, and users at all times to threats

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