CIS Controls & Configuration

CIS Controls & Configuration Benchmark

CIS Controls provide publicly accepted, crowdsourced global standards for security IT Systems. CIS publishes a set of 20 controls. As per CIS, by using top 5 controls, up to 80% of IT risk can be eliminated.

CIS Controls & Configuration Benchmark.

CIS Controls map against various computing platforms such as AWS, Azure etc. CIS Benchmarks also help secure & audit configuration of various platforms like multiple flavors of Windows & Linux.

We recommend organization to integrate CIS Benchmarks & Control into their IT operations to keep their systems secure. We have taken the lead to integrate CIS Benchmarks on a continuous basis. We have mapped CIS benchmarks against regulatory controls framework to provide a single dashboard view for the IT Ops people as well as the auditors.

CloudOptics Helps Audit Configurations Continuously

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    Continuous Assessment

    Utilize CIS Benchmarks tool sets to generate configuration posture on a continuous basis and generate insights into hitherto unknown vulnerabilities.

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    Controls to Asset Mapping

    Intuitively drill down configuration audit compliance information asset by asset. Convert raw data into actionable insights.

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    Expansive Controls Coverage

    Manage posture of a wide range of controls spanning across diverse platforms like Linux & Windows.