Threat Prioritization

Actionable insights for rapid and precise guidance for faster response to cyber-attacks.

Organizations subscribe to threat intelligence feeds but struggle to find target infrastructure for further analysis and action.With vast amount of data from multiple sources, the challenge is to ensure its accuracy, relevance to your business, and having insights for meaningful and timely action.

Organizations need to evolve from a reactive and defensive security posture to being proactive by contextualizing threat intelligence.

The Challenges

  • Disconnected data sources
  • Innumerable varieties of threats
  • Dealing with advanced threats in key areas like ransomware and phishing attacks
  • Lack of visibility of software stack
cloud cost optimization
Insider Threat Prevention

The Solution

Prioritized cyber threat intelligence by CloudOptics makes sure that resources do not waste time on sifting through asset lists. It automates the manual tasks and accelerates detection and response by identifying only the relevant, high-priority threats for your specific environment.

With a single basis of fact automatically shared across your infrastructure, you gain greater situational understanding, better decision making and strong security processes.

  • Gain insights into the threat landscape

  • Intelligence to identify target machines

  • Instant access to latest published vulnerabilities

  • Quickly investigate, co-relate and pinpoint the root cause of threats


Accelerated Detection

Detect relevant vulnerabilities within few hours of them being published

Rapid Response

Speed, consistency and precision to threat investigation. Find out exact machine & software of relevance to threat feed

Defence In Depth

Implement Defense in depth principal for your cloud assets

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